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​The support you need for aerial to feel right

Maybe your studio closed down and you only have a backyard rig and a cat who watches from the window, thoroughly unimpressed.

Maybe there is a studio, but the environment is too competitive or toxic or intimidating to allow you the freedom to improve or have any fun.

As the kids would say: it doesn’t pass the vibe check.


Maybe your studio is great (yay!), but you’re looking to expand your knowledge of skills and drills and creative repertoire and want to meet other like-minded aerialists from all over the world...

Share creative ideas, learn how to be a strong badass, and have a ton of fun with a supportive online aerial community run by some of the world's most highly sought after coaches.

No judgement. No gatekeeping.

Meet Us At The Swing Set

Babes, we are waiting for you...

Swing Set is a place where you can learn new skills, work with amazing coaches, and safely share your aerial journey with people want to see you thrive.

Inspired by French pedagogical models of circus training, we welcome all levels. Every aerialist is valued here! 

Exclusive Access

Swing Set is a closed community, so you can share your struggles and victories without being judged by random internet trolls

Consistent Motivation

Weekly workouts and monthly Sunday brunches on Zoom give you the real time support you need to reach your goals

Highly Qualified Feedback

From respected aerialists who have years of teaching and performing experience

Access to a Community Foum

  • ​Share pictures and videos of your work and get feedback (or just some validation!) from a supportive community

  • Get targeted specific drills that help YOU (because everyone is different) with your hardest skills

  • Enrich your aerial practice by exchanging ideas with aerialists from all over the world!

Weekly Workouts

  • Make gains in your flexibility, strength, and endurance with drills you can do in your living room

  • Take deep dives that help you master skills such as splits, inversions, flags, and more

  • Learn to approach athletic training like an artist to prevent injury and ensure your can aerial for a looong time​

Supportive Sunday Brunches

  • Gather with like-minded aerialists to discuss important topics in the community

  • Create and discuss initiatives to broaden the social impact of Swing Set and aerial arts

  • Eat and laugh with other cool people!​

Inside Swing Set You'll Find

Shannon McKenna

was never a dancer, never a gymnast, but always one hell of a tree climber. She is internationally recognized for her charisma as a performer and as the host The Artist Athlete Podcast.

She is sought after by studios, individuals, and festivals for her unconventional methods for breaking down skills, creative choreography, and being good time.

Since 2018, Shannon has been experimenting with online spaces as a vehicle for spreading quality coaching in aerial arts.

Her mission is for circus to gain respect and recognition as a viable art through empowering aerialists of all levels through education and inspiration.


(Also, she's very good at spotting - the student in this pic is totally fine.)

Kate Law 

As a teacher and coach Kate loves to see the growth and confidence that circus gives her students.


For 21 years she has been teaching dance, gymnastics, yoga and circus arts to people from 18-month tots to professional adults. She is a certified yoga instructor, Cyr Wheel coach, and aerial coach through Nimble Arts trainings.


Kate’s coaching experience includes: Esh Circus Arts in Somerville, MA, New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) in Brattleboro, VT, and The Circus Project in Portland. From 2016-2021 she was the Director of FlyCo, a professional training program at A-WOL Dance Collective. Most recently she co-founded Salt City Circus in Salt Lake City, Utah, along with Rachel Belling.


She is thrilled to  offer her knowledge and support to the Swing Set community as well as weekly flex classes!

Meet Your Coaches

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Often Asked Questions

​How Does Payment Work?

Membership payment is collected on a monthly or 6 month basis.​

There is no contract and you can cancel or freeze your membership any time and come back when you’re ready.

What Apparatus is best for Swing Set?

Our philosophy is that aerial arts is not about any specific apparatus- it’s about how your body moves and holds its weight in the air. Swing Set is a cross pollination between apparatus to encourage innovation.

This is done through an athletic and artistic focus each month. Regardless of your current level or experience on the apparatus, the focus will enrich your training. 

What if I'm injured, don't have a space to train, or I'm struggling with my mental health?

It can be super destabilizing to be grounded due to injury, not have a space to train, or struggling mentally. However, these are the times when you may find your need community the MOST.

Swing Set members are there for the small wins, the big heartaches, and everything in-between. If you have a question about whether or not Swing Set is right for you, please email:

We're So Excited To Meet You!

What to expect

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