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Introduction to One Arm Positions


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Take your practice to the next level. This manual provides a unique approach to holding meat hook and flag. It comes with detailed cueing, unconventional progressions, and special sections dedicated to safety and spotting. It dissects the shoulder and back anatomy and breaks down the biomechanics.

Introduction to One Arm Positions is a must have for every aerial studio and advanced aerial artist.

Equipment Requirements:

While the information can be applied to any apparatus, an aerial silk or aerial straps are necessary for many of the progressions.

Suggested Aerialist Level:

It is recommended that you are comfortable with and can execute multiple straight arm inversions and skin the cats before attempting these positions.

How To Access:

Once purchased, access it any time through your personal library (aka your profile). You don’t have to wait to get started, you can take it with you to the studio today!

Introduction to One Arm Positions
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