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Aerial Origins Library

There are 1,002 tutorials out there- this is something entirely different. This is about putting foundational aerial knowledge first.

Let's get those muscles smarter, shall we?

The Shoulder Barre Collection

No, babes- not the BAR where you go to forget about life's troubles. The BARRE, the place a ballerina would go to warm-up their legs. It's like that, but we're aerialists... so it's for our shoulders.

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​Follow along to a guided routine maximizes shoulder health, improves posture, and reduces risk of injury. 

Exercise Module 1

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Same benefits, different exercises. Switch between Modules 1 & 2 for maximum effectiveness!

Exercise Module 2

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A targeted and efficient deep stretching session to build flexibility along with strength

Cool Down Module

Want to skip the anatomy lesson?

The ultimate resource for aerial inversions. Strengthen your weak points, straighten your legs, and get upside down. Great for all levels! 

The Inversion Encyclopedia

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Gain strength, develop your aerial co-ordination, and increase shoulder and upper back mobility. This step by step guide will teach you how to safely hang in the air. 

The Fundamentals of Aerial Alignment

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A detailed introduction to training meat hooks and flags so you can avoid common mistakes  and bust through plateaus in skill acquisition.

Introduction to One Arm Positions

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"Shoulder Barre is the best thing that has happened to my shoulders. I’m hypermobile, have extremely over-eager biceps and very little shoulder stability. After doing Shoulder Barre as part of my exercise/warmups, I’m feeling engagement in all sorts of new places that should have been working, but weren’t."

Megan Sterling

Aerialist and Pole Dancer

" Shoulder Barre is totally accessible for an anatomy newb like me to grasp. It has real world examples that make sense to circus people and normal people alike. It helped me locate certain muscles and understand what the actual heck they do. "

Molly Ruth

Rope Artist

"Shannon McKenna's library is the gold standard in great aerial information. I recommend The Fundamentals of Aerial Alignment to every student of mine!"

Laura Witwer

Aerial Instructor and Blogger

​Occasionally Asked Questions

I see these are all digital, do you ever make physical copies?

​Out of consideration for price, ease of accessing the awesome video components, and consideration for environmental impact, we do not mass produce physical products. However, you are welcome to download, print out, and bind your own copy and take it with you wherever you go.

How do I access the materials?

​Once purchased, you'll get a flashy magenta email with a link to download AND add your new resource to an account on this website- we'll keep it safe for you, so you never have to worry about losing it! 

I'm a beginner- is The Inversion Encyclopedia right for me?

Yes. Absolutely. It covers all types of inversions and includes ground drills to get you started. 

​Get instant access to absolute must haves

For aerialists, polers, and anyone else who wants to hang

​The Shoulder Barre Method

A comprehensive method to prepare your shoulders for your aerial practice. Easy anatomy and accessible exercises to keep your precious shoulders soundly in their sockets.


Save Your Money Buy A Bundle

The exercises and information in these resources compliment each other so well, buying in bulk just makes sense. Plus, then you'll have more money to spend on important stuff, like sparkles and rosin.

Improve your inversions with The Inversion Encyclopedia, stay upside down in the air with The Fundamentals of Aerial Alignment, and advance your training with One Arm Positions.

The Aerial Origins Bundle


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 The Method and the Modules wrapped into one. Get the most out of this collection by getting it all. Your shoulders will thank you.

The Complete Shoulder Barre Collection


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Save the most, learn the most, and strengthen the most with The Aerial Origins Library and The Complete Shoulder Barre Collection right into your library all at once!

All The Things


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