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Why these workshops work

These Are REAL Experts

Coaches are trusted industry professionals with the appropriate credentials and experience.

Easy To Access

All workshops are available immediately, and you can watch it as many times as you want.

Easy On The Wallet

Tracking down these coaches for in-person learning is expensive.  With virtual learning, you save money.

Approachable For All Levels

Unique perspectives can enrich anyone's training, whether you're just starting out or are well down the path

Taught with Body Neutral Philosophy

We emphasize functional rather than aesthetic results to help all bodies see improvement in skills.

Featured Workshop

What others have to say

Learn from the best coaches in the industry 

With a wide variety of aerial related topics, you can upgrade your flexibility, gain strength, enhance your creative expression, and so much more.

"I loved this workshop so much! It was a really useful way to think about putting together an at home aerial workout."


review from "Endurance Training for Aerialists"

"Really helpful workshop, even just the minute details are reframing my ideas of how to move, stretch, and train."


review from "Flying Flexibility"

"I spent today listening to The Art of Aerial Coaching… boy did a lot of Gena’s points hit home! 

 I feel like somebody pressed refresh on my aerialist abilities!"


review from "The Art of Aerial Coaching"

All the Ways to Skin The Cat

A complete overview of how to train, spot, and stay safe in your skin the cats for increased shoulder mobility and abs strength. This workshop is more than just anatomy and drills! Shannon also breaks down how to incorporate skin the cats for fresh choreography on aerial hoop and aerial silks- including her world famous climb!

Without Destroying Your Shoulders

Physical Performance

​​Each Master Coach in this section provides a specialized ground workout that will help you aerial better. (Aerial is a verb... right?)

Includes 2 hour video workshop and 3 food sheets.

Plant-Based Sports Nutrition 101 with Tara Gallimore RD MSc.

Tara Gallimore RD MSc teaches sports nutrition at the National Circus School in Montreal and regularly advises elite athletes in many fields. She made a splash as a guest on The Artist Athlete Podcast (episode 55) when she spoke out in strong opposition to the toxic diet culture that plagues the performing arts. In this workshop she shares her anti-diet approach for athletes who want to go plant based, but even for an omnivore, this workshop has some incredible info. 

2 hour video workshop and multiple downloads for lesson planning

The Art of Aerial Coaching

Calling all aerial coaches! Gena DuBose, the creator of the Aerial Instructor Enhancement Program, is leading this can't miss workshop to breathe new life into your practice. It contains practical tools for classroom management, teaching to different levels and body types, and giving space for creative exploration while maintaining standards of safety.

Other Workshops

These workshops defy categorization and live in the upper limits of ultra-specialized and informative.

Includes 2 hour video workshop and beautifully designed inspirational download

The Aerial Idea Factory  with Jenn Bruyer

No matter how strong or bendy you get, you're never gonna feel quite at home in the air without a movement style of your own. Learn ground based creative exercises that translate to all aerial apparatuses (apparaturi?) with the movement master Jenn Bruyer (@heelhang)

Includes 2 hour video workshop and self-paced workbook

Train Your Mind to Train Your Body with Lacy Alana LCSW

Take a deep dive into the psychology of aerial with licensed therapist and circus coach Lacy Alana. In this workshop you will learn how to find motivation, recover mentally from physical injury, get better at learning and teaching, and maybe even be nice to yourself every once in a while.

Creativity / Mental Performance

Yes- your brain can exercise too! Browse this list of unique collaborations for actionable steps to boost your confidence and find your unique style.

Includes 2 hour video workshop and reference download

Lower Body Training with Lauren Joy Herley

Get straight legs, improve your balance, and increase your active flexibility with this follow-along lower body training plan from Lauren Joy Herley, one of the most sought after aerial contortionists for companies such as Cirque du Soleil.

Includes a 1 hour workshop and .pdf download with timestamps of exercises

Compression Obsession with Shannon McKenna

Compression is one of the most helpful strengths for an artist in any circus discipline. However, tight hamstrings, nervy knees, and difficulty targeting the lower abs are just SOME of the limiting factors standing between you and the pike of your dreams. This workshop is jam packed full of solutions and drills AND a review of the anatomy and physiology to explain the context and logic behind the exercises.

Includes 2 hour video workshop and a huge download with all exercises in video form (great value!)

Endurance Training for Aerialists with Tanya Burka

Cirque du Soliel aerialist and MIT trained nuclear engineer, Tanya Burka gives you the format and exercises to developing functional endurance, improve your grip strength, and manage your mobility all in your living room so you can rock it in the air.

Includes 2 hour video workshop with .pdf download of time stamps and training outline

Flying Flexibility with
Catie Brier

World-renowned contortion coach Catie Brier gives you all the information you need to find the balance between getting strong, getting bendy, and getting your life together with information on creating a precise warm-up, strategic stretching throughout your training, and a super specific cool-down.

Upper Body Cross Training for Aerialists

Gateway to Gains

Award winning strength and mobility coach Britta Remes teaches a formula and exercises for an upper body workout that you can do with no aerial equipment!

Sometimes Asked Questions

Is there a replay available?

Yes! Once you purchase a workshop, you can use your login to watch it as many times as you want. You can fall asleep to it every night!

I'm having trouble accessing a workshop do I have to pay again?

ABSOLUTELY NOT- please contact us to let us know of your trouble and we will work with you and Crowdcast support to make sure you get what you need!

How do I access the workshops?

Workshops take place on the platform Crowdcast, so that they can be viewed live and played as many times as you need.

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