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Shoulder Barre Cool Down Module


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with your purchase, you can join a FREE Super Secret Stretching Session with Shannon! Check your receipt email for details! 

Improve your flexibility, reduce soreness, and recover well with the Cool Down Module.

This 15 minute aerialist specific deep stretching session balances out your strength and skill work, so you can be more flexible and improve faster. The perfect way to end your workout, training session, or performances.


Note: This is a follow-along program, if you want the science and methodology behind its creation, check out The Shoulder Barre Method.

What's Included:

  • A glamorous video that you can follow along with IN REAL TIME

  • Videos covering all of the exercises and modifications so you can adjust the program to YOUR specific needs

  • PLUS: precise instructions, helpful tips, cues, and notes on what you 'SHOULD' be feeling

How To Access:

Once purchased, access it any time through your personal library (aka your profile). You don’t have to wait to get started, you can take it with you to the studio today!

Equipment Requirements:

I am a HUGE advocate for investing in knowledge rather than stuff. For that reason, I encourage you to get creative with what you already have. You only need:

  • 1 towel/ non-stretch cloth

  • a yoga block

Suggested Aerialist Level:

All levels can benefit from this module. Advanced aerialists may require additional targeted exercises that are not included.

Shoulder Barre Cool Down Module
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