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The Inversion Encyclopedia


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Welcome to the ultimate encyclopedia for aerial inversions for every single aerial apparatus ever invented (and probably those that don't exist yet).

Complete with 70+ videos, detailed breakdowns of exercises, explanations of the biomechanics at work, and on the ground exercises that translate directly to aerial. This digital delight can help anyone - from aerial instructors needing new approaches for students to frustrated long time aerialists who have never been able to do an inversion.

Tackle the common sticking points for an inversion including:

  • Shoulder positioning while hanging

  • Exercises to do at home/without an apparatus

  • Cues to help you quit over-using your hip flexors and get in touch with your lower abs

  • A whole heck of a lot more

Written with flair and years of teaching experience, Shannon outlines all the major concepts, exercises, tips, and tricks, she uses to help students of all levels with inversions. Whether you are striving to get off the ground, needing pointers for straight-arm inversions, or searching for one-arm drills, The Inversion Encyclopedia has you covered!

This is NOT a program that promises inversions in ??? days- this is a practical guide that meets you where you're at and helps you target specific muscles to make long term improvements. Every aerial body is different, and you deserve a resource that helps YOU!

How To Access:

Once purchased, access it any time through your personal library (aka your profile). You don’t have to wait to get started, you can take it with you to the studio today!

Equipment Requirements:

Because of the comprehensive nature of this resource, there are no specific equipment requirements.

Suggested Aerialist Level:
The Inversion Encyclopedia can help everyone from the newest of beginners to advanced practitioners.

The Inversion Encyclopedia
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