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Crista Marie Jackson Talks doing Zendaya's Stunts and Creating Beyonce's World Tour

For aerialist Crista Marie Jackson, once in a life time opportunities happen every day. She shares the stories of how she positioned herself to choreograph the aerial acts for Beyonce's Formation tour and do all of Zendaya's stunts in The Greatest Showman

Erika Lemay Talks Artistic Invention, Injury Recovery, and Perfectionism

From America's Got Talent, to special events from Cirque du Soleil, Erika Lemay talks about coming from humble beginnings to being one of the most in-demand aerialists of today. Now, she's a published author and runs Physical Poetry- a production company, as well as LEMAlab, which sells top of the line supplements for elite performers.

Olga Pikhienko Spills Secrets About Flexibility Training and Cirque du Soleil

She created some of the most iconic roles in modern circus history and now, she wants to tell the REAL story. Olga Pikhienko doesn't hold back as she shares her triumphs and struggles as Cirque du Soleil's original darling of the big top. 

The Artist Athlete Podcast

Shannon interviews aerialists, riggers, contortionists, casting directors, circus physios, and more in the #1 podcast for circus artists in the world.

The Everyday Aerialist gives you what you need to get started right from the comfort of your semi-clean bedroom!

It was once performed only by the glittery few who were born in the circus or daring enough to join it, but now people of all ages learn aerial arts in every major city and small town in the world.

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A strong foundation is the secret to aerial glory

​If you're struggling to progress beyond beginner tricks, you're most likely missing key exercises, anatomical knowledge, and probably not having a lot of fun.

Shannon McKenna has been featured by

Level up while keeping your shoulders securely attached

Everything you need to safely and bravely become a stronger aerialist. Explore Shannon's Aerial Origins Library, developed from years of coaching experience. 

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Aerial students spend a fortune and travel to distant lands to learn from highly specialized instructors.

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